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The company’s name sake Derek K. Robbins,  has been actively involved in commercial construction industry for over 30 years. Derek brings to the table a proven track record of planning, management, and execution to a wide range of commercial projects.

The firms story is defined by Robbins’ strength in having years of accomplished  design-build construction experience, combined with the personal aphorism to “think differently”.

Robbins owes his successes to his team members who include subcontractors and suppliers, and the design professionals; each as dedicated to quality construction as the contractor is himself.

Today, Robbins takes ownership in each project, exhibiting his hands on approach no matter the project size; from the inception, on through to the execution and completion of all work in a proper and timely manner; and, most importantly to his Client’s satisfaction.

 During his career, his primary focus has been negotiated design-build projects.  
A Robbins mission is to be a value-added member of our client's preconstruction and construction team. He is purposefully organized and staffed, equipping his team to provide collaborative and innovative services for a variety of construction projects. 


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