Design-Build Process

 Commercial Design build -also known as “design-construct” or “single responsibility”, design- build is a system of contracting in which one entity manages both the architecture, engineering and construction under one contract. In the design-build system, the architect and contractor work together as a team.

The traditional process to building can often leave you to make important decisions on your own. You are responsible for finding an architect to draw your plans and a contractor to build it. Then it’s your job to ensure that they communicate and work together within your budget and vision.

Commercial Design-Build is different – it’s a one-stop-shop for all your design and construction needs.


Construction by Robbins Construction Group Prefers the Commercial Design-Build Process

 What distinguishes the commercial design-build process is the source of responsibility, combining both architect and builder into one entity. This allows the builder to assign actual numbers to the drawings, throughout the design process and provides the owner with a more accurate “picture” of realistic project costs.

Robbins Construction Group, through its design-build process, provides a single source responsibility. There’s no need to limit solutions to traditional ideas, as ideas come to the table, teams work as one unit to analyze them, in full transparency, so owners are assured of getting the best materials, siting, schedule, design and more. This innovative process makes it possible for owners to see more options, make better-informed decisions and realize a better value.


Delivering a successful Design-Build project requires open collaboration between all team members. Creating a team-oriented approach promotes high levels of communication and transparency, both imperative to the success of any project. It allows owners to share their vision with the team and align the interests of the stakeholders. The team-oriented approach also provides the collaborative effort necessary to evaluate the project’s objectives, assess schedules and analyze opportunities as the project progresses. As a team, no other group is better qualified to align the owner’s vision with the project’s goals and objectives.

Nevertheless, it is vital to choose trusted team players who have your best interests at heart. This will greatly impact the success of your project.


The Benefits of Our Commercial Design Build Process:


· Single source of responsibility eliminates finger-pointing

· Higher quality end results due to streamlined communication

· Proven to be most cost-effective way to build

· Eliminates costly waste of time from duplicate communication between design and construction

· Reduced owner administrative burned due to elimination of need for mediation between architect and builder

· More up-front knowledge of the actual cost of the project for the owner

· Coordinated review by architect and builder throughout design process minimizes mistakes and subsequent costly change orders

· Corrections are facilitated by the team maintaining a common level of knowledge and understanding throughout the entire project

· Overall decreased cost


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